Mirapoint Email Messaging Service

Mirapoint RazorSafe™

The simple, all-in-one, archiving appliance for small and large enterprises, providing quick access to email, reduced email management costs, and lower legal and compliance risk

The Enterprise Email Problem

At many corporations, educational institutions or government entities around the world, thousands of enterprise email addresses generate and receive tens of millions of e-mail messages per month via Webmail or mail clients. These large message volumes lead to problems which include:

* Over Quota or Undersized Mailboxes
* High Management and Support Costs
* Unreliable Service
* Email Security Problems
* Complex or Unsupportable Architectures

The Mirapoint Message Server Solution

The Mirapoint Message Server™ is a solid foundation for a secure messaging infrastructure, providing a standards-based platform that intelligently serves, secures and manages messages with multi-mode client access.

The Mirapoint Message Server for enterprise email offers the industry’s best price-performance and the scalability to handle the most demanding Email environments. It also includes advanced features such as group scheduling, calendaring and address book. For large, multi-tier deployments, the Message Server easily and seamlessly integrates with the RazorGate® appliances.

Benefits of the Mirapoint Message Server for Enterprise Email

* Lowest TCO of any Email Platform while providing high reliability and availability.
* Support for standards Email clients including Outlook.
* Rich Web-based client and support for mobile clients.
* Secure, locked-down hardened operating system that has no known exploits.

Mirapoint Message Server Competitive Advantages

* Realizing huge cost savings in enterprise email administration, management and addition of new Webmail users.
* Delivering enterprise class messaging without having to download a client on the user’s PC.
* Supporting rich mail, calendaring, group scheduling, address book through

Mirapoint’s Web-based Corporate Edition.

* Managing mail support for other mobile client devices.
* Easily integrating with any client device because it’s built upon Internet standard protocols.
* Employing a hardened Mirapoint Messaging Operating System™ (MOS) optimized for performance and reality.
* Trusting 99.999% field proven reliability, equating to less than six minutes of unscheduled downtime per year.
* Meeting stringent regulatory compliance requirements for stored messages through our partnership with industry-leading archiving solutions to support external storage and archiving.
* Supporting SSL and TLS protocols for additional mail server protection and the administration interface is secured over an SSH connection.

How Mirapoint Message Server Works Better Than Any Other Device

No other application based messaging products for enterprise email, Web mail or a message store offer a significantly lower TCO.

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