Mirapoint Email Security

Mirapoint RazorGate®

The email security appliance that provides simple, multi-layered anti-spam and anti-virus protection at the network edge to block up to 98% of email threats.


The Spam and Virus Problem

Across your enterprise, email security problems can include:
* Vulnerability to a constant barrage of spam, viruses, worms, Trojan horses,
   rootkits, spyware, malware, adware, and zombie/botnet attacks.
* Limited protection against new (zero-hour) threats.
* Complex multi-architectures that are hard to manage and maintain.
* Limited protection against phishing schemes, fraud and confidential data leaks.

The Mirapoint RazorGate Solution

Mirapoint’s RazorGate® simplifies the email security gateway with a scalable appliance-based platform that delivers carrier-grade anti-spam, anti-virus reliability and the industry’s lowest TCO.

Benefits of Mirapoint RazorGate for Email Security

By deploying the Mirapoint RazorGate solution with the Mirapoint Message Server and RazorSafe appliances, you are:
* Ensuring the industry’s lowest TCO with plug-and-play RazorGate installation
   in minutes and easy management for unparalleled network protection.
* Offering an overall catch rate of 98% of messages scanned using RAPID Anti-Spam
   and RAPID anti-virus, an industry-leading zero-hour virus engine.
* Combining the industry’s fastest MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) with best-of-breed
   anti-spam, anti-virus, and content inspection technologies.
* Utilizing the industry’s most scalable, powerful, and flexible email security
   to prevent threats from entering or leaving your e-mail network.
* Blocking up to 80% of threats at the network edge through its unique MailHurdle™
   connection management technology.
* Providing proven 99.999% reliability with redundant hardware components.
* Deploying a transparent unique wiretap capability to end-users.
* Running a secure, hardened operating system with no known exploits.
* Integrating your mail routing with queue management.

Mirapoint RazorGate Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus Competitive Advantages

* Realizing huge cost savings in email security administration, management and
   deployment of an anti-spam, anti-virus appliance.
* Trusting 99.999% field proven reliability, equating to less than six
   minutes of unscheduled downtime per year.
* Deploying Multi-Layered Spam Detection with catch-rates of up to 98%:
   Mirapoint’s multi-layered security starts with Advanced Reputation Hurdle™,
   the first layer of protection against the onslaught of botnets,
   malware and zombie threats.
    – Reputation Hurdle analyzes worldwide traffic from 700,000 detection
      points to determine sender reputations, ensuring that only the good senders
      get through.
    – Then, MailHurdle connection management technology drops up to 80% of spam
      at the edge before network bandwidth, storage, processor and administration
      resources are spent.
    – When combined with RAPID Anti-Spam and other protection mechanisms
      such as DNSBL, we achieve overall catch-rates upwards of 98%.
* Enabling Mirapoint’s Innovative End-User Junk Mail Manager: Lets you create
   and monitor personal quarantine for detected spam, relieving the user’s
   inbox, and protecting core messaging resources.
* Combining Traditional Signature-Based Virus Protection With Mirapoint’s RAPID
   Anti-Virus Engine For Zero-Hour Protection: Viruses are identified within
   two minutes of an outbreak, providing the most comprehensive protection
* Filtering Flexible Content To Monitor Inbound and Outbound Message Traffic:
   Aids in compliance requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA,
   with a flexible filtering action list including archive, silent
   wiretap, redirect, quarantine, and blocking based on keywords,
   message attributes, and attachment contents. The quarantine
   facility allows administrators to inspect messages before deciding
   if they should be delivered, redirected or rejected.
* Combining Mirapoint Quarantine Queue With Content Filtering and Policy
   Enforcement Tools: Allows administrators to manage entire
   inbound and outbound messages and attachments, then decide
   to approve, reject or redirect the message.
* Supporting SSL and TLS Security Protocols: Mirapoint has designed the
   messaging appliance from the ground up with security in mind
   starting with the hardware.
* Simplifying A Web-Based Management Console: Allowing the administrator
   to configure the system and monitor operations, while also
   providing standard remote monitoring tools, including
   email alerts and SNMP.

How Mirapoint RazorGate Works Better Than Any Other Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Email Security Device

No other email security application offers a lower overall TCO, simplifies management, increases end-user productivity, and minimizes downtime better than Mirapoint RazorGate.

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