Mirapoint Mobile Services

Mirapoint’s Mobile Services offer a secure, messaging and collaboration enterprise mobility solution for the widest array of devices and networks from leading providers.

The Enterprise Mobility Problem.

* Organizations need an effective way to provide their increasingly mobile
   workforce with secure wireless access and management of their Mobile Email,
   Deskless Worker Email, and PIM (Calendar, Contacts and Tasks).
* Organizations must determine a single enterprise solution that offers support
   for a variety of wireless devices, then select the appropriate wireless device(s),
   and choose the appropriate wireless network(s) to obtain the best support,
   coverage and economics for your organization’s geographical requirements.

The Solution: Mirapoint Enterprise Mobility Solution.

NotifyLink Enterprise Edition communicates directly with the Mirapoint mail server, allowing organizations to maintain full control of their mobile email and deskless worker email while securing wireless access for their mobile workforce.
Benefits of Mirapoint Mobile Services

The rich wireless features of NotifyLink for Mirapoint include:

* Robust filtering to allow users to view and edit attachments.
* Maintaining calendar and contacts.
* Scheduling meetings.
* Accepting or declining meeting requests.
* Easily synchronizing mobile email.
* Undertaking scheduled and forced synchronizations.
* Offering full end-to-end security, with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)/Triple
   Data Encryption Standard (DES) encryption and Secure Socket Layer
   (SSL) connectivity.
* Supporting a variety of popular wireless handsets including the Nokia E61,
   Nokia E71, all RIM BlackBerry devices, plus Palm Treo, and Smartphones
   from Samsung and Motorola.
* Read more on supported devices with NotifyLink Enterprise Edition.
* The Mirapoint-NotifyLink solution is compatible with popular wireless network
   offerings from major carriers including Cingular, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile,
   Verizon and others. Read more on information on supported wireless carriers.
* Download the NotifyLink Enterprise Edition for Mirapoint Data Sheet.

Mirapoint Mobile Services Competitive Advantages

* NotifyLink enterprise mobility solution integrates with Mirapoint’s unique email
   security appliance model to support Apple iPhone 3G, all iPhones and iPod
   Touch, Motorola, Nokia, Palm, Research in Motion’s BlackBerry, Samsung, Sony
   Ericsson, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices.
* Mirapoint’s Message Server:
   – Integrates seamlessly with ChatterEmail’s mobile client, the leading
      software provider for push mail via IMAP, as well as POP delivery to Palm
      OS-based Treo smartphones.
   – Provides a powerful cost-effective mobile messaging solution for your
      Treo smartphone.
   – Has a one-time charge (contact us for a quotation).
   – Works with virtually any cellular data plan.

How Mirapoint Mobile Services Work Better Than Other Mobile Email Solutions

No other enterprise mobility service offers a more secure messaging and collaboration solution for more of the leading providers’ devices for mobile email and deskless worker email.

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